The battle has been raging on for over a week with both sides making almost no strategic progress, what was going to be a quick walk through the defender’s base turned into a long last stand. But it all started 2 weeks ago when the Spartans tribe attacked OTS a BLDX ally and sparked the Battle of 402 which resulted in a loss for the Spartans tribe. After that BLDX/OTS and other allies quickly set eyes on the next server in their list Ragnarok 25 which is claimed to be the main server of the Spartans tribe of course they denied any of that to be true but as we all know everyone says “That’s not my main server” when they lose. The first and main FOB of the attackers was quickly erected on 25.07.2017 by their scouts .And they began to consolidate their foothold on the server by fortifying their FOB with gates, spikes, turrets, plant x and all the necessity for a well fortified FOB. While on the other side across their fob was the defender’s base located on a plateau. Granting them a huge advantage over the attackers, who would have to go through heavy enemy fire just to setup a small FOB, which they did and failed because of bad design and the plateau that allowed the Spartans to throw brontos and t-rexes on the attackers. The attackers retreated and started making plans where should they try to build a secondary FOB to start their attacks on the defender’s base. While being busy with that the attackers started applying guerrilla like doing kamikaze rocket launcher runs which involves having someone with a rocket launcher, few rockets, flak armour, dropping him off of a Pteranodon on the target base and do as much damage as he can before the turrets break his armour and quickly die. While that didn’t inflict any major loses it showed the attackers that the defenders are ready to fight for every inch of their base and are not going to let them have it easy.On the next day 26.07.2017 the attackers finally had success with building their secondary FOB on the ramp the only way they could breach into the defender’s base .But that success was quickly stomped by the defenders who managed to prevent any further progress by the attackers who tried to clean the area around the base entrance from all the foundations who serve as a first line of defence preventing the attackers from building there. The next days would be spend in cleaning the area and making a 3rd FOB while taking heavy losses in terms of dinos and weaponry the 3rd FOB was built to ease the supply line from the secondary FOB to the snipers and dino riders up on the road. While all that was going on , one of the attacking tribes RAMBO started making propaganda to drop the defender’s morale and make the attack easier . You can see some of it below.


As the battle was getting to stagnate due to both side’s being unable to make any progress the defender’s started infiltrating the attacking tribes and do whatever damage they can inflict such as destroying enemy generators, killing dinos and stealing element which is a must for every raid. While not being able to make havoc on the attackers’ side, it made the attacking tribes distrust themselves and look behind their shoulders whenever a new player joined the attacking front.

This leads us to 31.07.2017 which saw the creation of a 4th FOB that’s even closer to the enemy base and allowed the attackers to breach into the defender’s stronghold. From the right side by putting a Rock Elemental on a Quetzal , flying up to the base and tanking the turrets while someone on a Pteranodon barrel rolls straight into the turrets and puts C4 and quickly runs away to detonate the C4 and blow up some of the turrets. While not being a major breakthrough for the attackers it shows that it’s not impossible to get inside the Spartan stronghold. The end of the 7th day of the attack saw the server going down and never coming back since then. As both sides are making plans we will continue to report the events that are going on The-EU-Ragnarok25.After the server came back all FOBs were dev wiped the reason remains unclear.